Peer-to-Peer Review

To be eligible for the $250,000 post-secondary scholarship, all registrants who submit a complete and valid application will be required to participate in the Peer-to-Peer Review process. Between October 9 and October 11, 2015, you must score and comment on at least five other submissions. You may be asked to score and comment on additional submissions between October 12, 2015, and October 13, 2015.

During this review, you will use a trait-scoring rubric to evaluate the videos assigned to you, according to four criteria: engagement, illumination, difficulty, and creativity. Scores will be calculated using a normalization algorithm that ensures a level playing field for everyone. In addition to scoring each video on the four criteria, you will also review the question responses and provide a final Grade Score, ranging between 0-100, that provides an overall assessment of quality for the entire submission. We ask that you carefully review the submissions assigned to you and provide meaningful feedback.

The Peer-to-Peer Review will result in a rank-order of all submissions. The top 75 of these submissions will be reviewed by the Evaluation Panel.