Meet the Finalists

Each Finalist’s submission has been scored on four criteria: engagement, illumination, difficulty, and creativity during the Peer- to- Peer Review and an expert review from our Evaluation Panel. The winner will be chosen from these finalists by our Selection Committee which includes Sal Khan, Lucy Hawking, and Breakthrough Prize Laureates.

We hope you join us in celebrating the winner of the Breakthrough Junior Challenge at the 2016 Breakthrough Prize ceremony, via live broadcast on National Geographic Channel at 10:00 p.m. ET / 7:00 p.m. PT on Nov. 8th, 2015 followed by a worldwide broadcast on Fox Network and National Geographic Channels.

Ryan Chester

Ryan Chester, 18

United States
Ritika Bharati

Ritika Bharati, 16

United States
James Dingley

James Dingley, 17

John Fish

John Fish, 16

Sean Hackett

Sean Hackett, 17

United States
Keeley Hoek

Keeley Hoek, 17

Jackson Huang

Jackson Huang, 18

Nicholas Morgan

Nicholas Morgan, 17

United States
Michael Poon

Michael Poon, 16

Maria Portela

Maria Portela, 16

Shaun Regenbaum

Shaun Regenbaum, 16

United States
Kadi Runnels

Kadi Runnels, 16

United States
Jay Shenoy

Jay Shenoy, 16

United States
Zachary Stanik

Zachary Stanik, 16

United States
Max Thomiley

Max Thorniley, 14