Application Requirements

Here’s what you have to do to compete. First, log in. Then, create your submission using the application guidelines below. Please note that you must be 13 or older at the time of registration and no older than 18 by October 7, 2015, in order to participate. 

There are two sections in the application. All are required. All videos and applications must be submitted in English.

To create an application, first, register, and then, log in

Primary Challenge 
Choose a concept or theory of mathematics, life sciences, or physics that’s important to understand but challenging to explain. Create a short video (no more than 10 minutes) to teach the concept or theory in an engaging, illuminating, and imaginative way. Consider using creative tools in your video, such as drawings, simulations, or physical demonstrations.

What theory or concept is your video about? 

To which primary area of study does your concept or theory belong? 

Additional Questions

  1. There are many fascinating concepts and theories to choose from. Why did you pick this one? [250 words maximum]
  2. Tell us about yourself! Why do you believe that it is important to study mathematics, life sciences, or physics? [250 words maximum]
  3. What specific area(s) of mathematics, life sciences, or physics would you like to pursue in the future and why? [250 words maximum]
  4. Tell us about a teacher who inspired your interest in mathematics, life sciences, or physics. What is the teacher's name? What did that teacher do to develop your passion for learning and discovery? [250 words maximum]
  5. If you win the Breakthrough Junior Challenge, your school will receive a new, cutting-edge science lab from Cold Spring Harbor. How would this lab benefit your school? [250 words maximum]